How To Remove Screen Printing From Shirts

How To Remove Screen Printing From Shirts [4 Effective Methods]

Screen print on a shirt brings additional splendor. Shirts become a canvas to the designer. Logo, letter, group of letter, design, or any other thing can be placed on a shirt. I may happen that you printed your shirt with design but with a course of time, that design doesn’t attract you more. Or there might be a mistake in printing. In these cases, you would like to remove the screen print from shirts. Many of us have a misconception that screen print on the shirt cannot be removed.

Actually, it’s not true. Though these prints are long-lasting, these are not permanent. You can remove screen print completely from the shirt by following a few ways and methods. Here, we are going to discuss four basic methods of removing screen print from the shirt. So scroll down to start.

How To Remove Screen Printing From Shirts

#1 Method: Using Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish remover could be applied to erase screen print. Nail polish remover contains a chemical named acetone that works on the shirt print. Some fabrics are sensitive to nail polish remover and this may discolor your shirt. So it’s important to make a patch test before starting. Well, let’s see the steps of this process.

Step 1:  First, wash the shirt. Here, using cold water is important. If the ink is new or the shirt is newly printed, then this washing may remove a portion of the print. This also stops from further solidifying. Remember not to use hot water. This may cause sticking more with the shirt.

How To Remove Screen Printing From Shirts

Step 2: Take a dryer and dry the shirt in high heat. This high heat will lose some of the print ink. Now, peel the print off using a finger.

Step 3: In this step apply nail polish remover to the print and mildly dab but with a little pressure on the print. Use your fingernails to peel off the remaining ink from the fabric.

Step 4: Rewash the shirt, but this time follow the manufacturer’s drying instructions. Again dry with a dryer. Peel off the remaining ink.

Now, get your desired print-less shirt. If there any ink remains, repeat the process from step 3 until you a satisfactory result.

#2 Method: Using Plastisol Ink Remover

This method uses plastisol ink to remove the print from the shirt. Rubbing alcohol can also be used in this method. Plastisol ink remover may harmful to your skin. So we recommend wearing gloves and facing mask while following this method.

Step 1: Apply the remover to the print and leave for half an hour. Plastisol is a sensitive chemical that may hamper your fabric. So if the print is not much, then our suggestion is to pour the plastisol on a soft cloth and dab on the print gently and repeatedly.


Step 2: To loosen the print, you can take a soft brush and politely brush on ink.

Step 3: Now wipe off the plastisol remover using a cloth. Then wash the cloth with cold water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wash the shirt.

Step 4: Leave the cloth to dry or use a dryer. You will find most of the print would loosen off. If you find anything else, use fingernails to peel the print off.

Still, if you are not satisfied, then repeat the process once again. However, it is recommended not to use plastisol repeatedly as this may damage your cloth. So be patient while following this method. Use fingernails gently to remove remaining ink.

#3 Method: Spot Removal Gun Method

Different brands of spot removal guns from the different manufacturers are flooded on market. This method is simple to operate. Here are the steps of the method.

Step 1: Load the spray gun with spot remover.

Step 2: Spray the spot remover on the print. Remember, do not spray on the shirt. It may damage your cloth with a stain. So cover your shirt with old cloth or paper leaving the print while spraying.


Step 3: Wipe the print using a soft rag and water. You must ensure not to leave any remover on the shirt. It may discolor your cloth. To erase this, wash the shirt immediately. Once again make sure all the chemical is out.

Step 4: Dry the shirt normally.  It’s better to pick well-ventilated area to dry.

#4 Method: Plastic Bag with an Iron Method

This method is the easiest one among the fours. All the ingredients to execute this process can easily be found at home. This method is also cost-effective. Here iron is needed but remember, do not use a steam iron. Let’s go through the process.

Step 1: At first, wash and dry your shirt with cold water as done in the first method.


Step 2: Place the shirt on a flat surface. Then take a paper bag and place it in the printed area. The glossy part of the bag should place on the shirt directly.

Step 3: Heat the iron and iron over the paper bag. Make sure the iron should not be overheated. With the heated iron, the print on the shirt will transfer to the paper. If there remains anything else, use fingernails or plastic knife to scrape off.

Will Acetone Remove Screen Print?

We all are aware of the nail polish remover and wondered about the source. This is acetone, an organic chemical compound able to dissolve ink from a screen print. Occasionally, you may need to remove the screen print that does not satisfy you to try out another design. To your surprise, you can remove the screen print even after setting it with heat.

Will Acetone Remove Screen Print

Of the several methods of removing ink from a screen print, one of the most common and effective is acetone or nail polish. In using acetone, you need to know about the fabric. If it is cotton, then using acetone or nail polish is the quickest way to remove the ink prints. To get an excellent result and if the design is new, wash the fabric in cool water.

Apply acetone by soaking cotton balls with the chemical and by rubbing on the design. Rub a few times. Watch if the acetone is not harmful to the fabric, so restrict rubbing as soon you see the ink dissolves. Stop rubbing and peel off ink forming crust. Wash the shirt and find a screen print-free T-shirt.

Key Notes To Follow While Removing Screen Print

Following some common and easy tips may make your task easy and effortless. These tips are also essential to make your operation safe and improve the total process.

  • Never wash the shirt with hot water. It makes the print solidify.
  • Before starting any method, dry the cloth first.
  • Don’t use steam iron when operating with the iron method. You should not press the iron directly to the print. This will solidify the print permanently.
  • Washing the shirt to remove printing needs hand-washing. It helps to focus on the print. However, over-washing could make your shirt fade.
  • When using chemicals, select a place with well-ventilation. Don’t forget to wear a face mask and gloves.

Final Words

Basically, removing screen print from shirts is not a complex task at all. It’s a process that you can execute all by yourself and at home. Whichever method you select, just follow the steps properly.



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