I have to admit...

I have been guilty of posting my outrage of the racial injustices people of color face on social media as if that were enough to be a part of the fight for equality. I was part of the problem. I am a white woman, which is my privilege, and if I am not asking how or what I can do to relinquish my profits, my privilege, what’s my point of help than?

Bare with me here. Look at the free world, as we know it, like a store. Each of us merchants have an equal opportunity in this free market. If you and I exchange items of an equal value, neither of us profits and neither of us loses. Conversely, in an unequal trade, when one of us profits, the other suffers a loss.

Of course, these unequal trades will occur in our world because each merchant is unique. Though, they will come about completely randomly, because with the sheer amount of people in our world, it is mathematically unpredictable.


I dare you to look around. Does our world feel random and unpredictable? No. The world is not free. The market is not random. The market is completely controlled.


One group steadily acquires profit as the other steadily loses.


From the very first moment the unfair trade began, (be it loss of freedom, liberty, money, or rights) through its conclusion, the profiting group acquired a position of privilege. This privilege existed in every other trade they entered into from that point on. This privilege exists today.


And when these groups no longer bargain as equals, there is no more free market. There is no true freedom in our world, because a group that profits from the loss of others can control the variables from a vantage point of privilege. Hence, they will always profit and the others will always lose.

This idea can be applied to all who’ve been marginalized.


In the case of the deaths of so many innocent black people, similarly to the analogy written above, the police work out of a system that assumes their equal trade of justice to civilians. Their uniform does not and should not give a police officer a vantage point of privilege in a trade of justice.


The assumption that a police officer cannot be corrupt isn’t a guarantee given with uniform they wear. The uniform is an honor, not a free pass to get away with murder.


Police should not profit in these trades. But when an officer slips through the system they protect and an innocent life is taken, people of color are at a greater loss than all others.


When this happens, not only do the police use their uniform as a privilege, but also the advantage acquired from the history of all trades as human beings. They speak as if all losses suffered by the community as proof that they aren’t capable of trading like everyone else, and that is ‘why’ this loss occurred.


You see, there is not a culture of poverty. And no, city life does not breed crime and violence. No, there is no natural tendency among African Americans towards violence. These statistics are miscalculated because freedom was. This is the cost of a perpetual cycle of loss in unequal trades of liberty, rights, money, and freedoms.


One group slowly acquired power as one slowly lost.


Instead of debating whether or not racial inequality exists, ask your ally what privilege you can give up so that we may be equal again. Let's trade our pointed fingers for a peace sign.


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